Taijiboxing and the Art of Precision Shooting

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Taijiboxing is a martial art akin to taijiquan the emphasis being on retaining the combative aspect within the practice of Taijiquan for self defense as well as enhancing longevity.

My name is Dennis Pounall and I have been Plying Taijiboxing for about 15 years and practising martial arts about 30 yrs now. I am writing this article to share a experience I came across last year and wanted other Taiji players to be aware of TAIJIQUAN MULTIFASCITATED range of appeal. Mr John Rochon is a world class internationally recognized precision competitive sport shooter( now retired) . He came to centre in Elliot Lake (VitFitKlub) and said he was interested in learning a bit about “Tai Chi” for relaxation.

I stated that I practice Taiji Quan which is very similar to Tai Chi for health and relaxation except we have tried to retain most of the self defence applications and the Qi kung internal harmony along with the art. This making it both a self guided discipline as well as a martial art. He was immediately intrigued and decided to give it a try.

The next week he came into class I had advised him to wear loose clothing and flat low profile exercise shoes. We began with standing meditation “Embrace the One” and i described the concept of “stillness and motion”, and the notion of whole body breathing and mindful meditation. Thereafter we did some standard Taiji warm up exercises and started on the first 6 moves for the yang style classical form. commencement and turn and ward off right Grasp birds tail sequence . I demonstrated the form breaking the moves down explaining both the energetic concepts as well as possible self defence applications. Always stressing,that the are no absolutes in taijiboxing. Each movements must be naturally spontaneous and flexible for proper applications and fluid energetic flow.

Therefore only the form and the function must be clear to each practitioner. The Sight Picture Meditation in action The next week Mr Rochon came to class and ask me a few questions, like why in standing meditation, do we stand with our feet toe in I responded for stability, why do I focus so much on the breathing and motion, I said “life is breath” and energy is life therefore we breath mindfully to enhance our life force. “perfect practice makes perfect “ Then he asked me why we move so slow, I responded “we practice slow to move fast”. Then he asked if you are relaxed how can you move fast if you are not ready. I said that is the purpose of “stillness and motion”. He pondered for a while and said “I wish I had studied Taiji when I was competitively shooting it would have made all the difference”.

Here is where the discussion began,we spoke of the similarities and differences between competitive Taiji Quan demonstrations and competitive precision shooting and found more similarities than
differences. The tools required to be a superior competitive precision shooter are as follows.

Taijiboxing Precision Shooting

• patience SIGHT PICTURE
• persistence Reassessment and practice
• self examination Application of training skills
• Practice synchronization of training
• Training delivery and adjustment

These traits are also found in the discipline of Taijiboxing and the art form of the Taiji Quan.

Both disciplines require a relaxed alertness and a attunement to subtle energetic and physical muscular control that is unique to their discipline. Combine this with a synchronization of breath control and attention to details with focused intention to complete the task at hand. Regardless whether it is a Taiji push hand competition, weapons demonstration, precision shooting match, perfect tennis score,or golf game.

When you are able to combine your attention and your intention without being locked into the results you will achieve Yin and yang in action and with practice and patience achieve “enlightenment”, what ever that means for you. Then you have the perfect match for success regardless of the outcome .

Thanks for reading this article I hope you enjoyed it.  For more articles check out : www.taijiboxer.com

Sifu Dennis Pounall

Sifu Dennis Pounall lives and works in Elliot Lake, Northern Ontario as a Paramedic  and has been practicing martial arts for over 28 years. He has studies in Okinawa Karate, Pang GI Noon Gung Fu, Kali Jujitsu, Kook Sol Won , Korean martial arts and Traditional Yang combat style Taiji Quan.  He competes nationally and internationally, and is available for workshops and Seminars.

Subscrive to his youtube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/dpounall

He can be contacted at dennis_pounall@yahoo.ca

Website: www.vitfitklub.com

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