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The term synthesis is used in many fields, usually to mean a process which combines  two or more pre-existing elements resulting in the formation of something new. The verb would be “to synthesize” meaning to make or form a synthesis.

Taijiboxing is both a discipline and an art form, and has multiple levels of expression and is popular worldwide. It is renowned for its many preventive disease benefits as well as it numerous natural health benefits. It can be practiced by young and old, strong and weak, in sickness and in health. Both the rich and the poor can glean the benefits from this ancient discipline.

But what sets this discipline apart from the many other forms of exercise and martial arts systems?I believe that, within the practice of Taijiquan, is the unique availability of self-guided, on-going development, allowing each practitioner the ability to continually improve, share, and grow as they age in life, in mind, in body, and in spirit.

This unique trait makes Taijiquan practice, principles and application unlimited and timeless, making it, in a sense, the supreme ultimate, as it is limited in potential only by the boundaries of each practitioner.

Consequently, it never grows old and is never in or out of style. This, unlike most martial arts disciplines, allows this system to be both universal and also international. With each new generation of taijiboxer comes the refreshing of the old wisdom becoming the new rediscovered knowledge.

This concept of natural transmission through the spoken word, and to learn by doing is quite foreign and difficult to sell in today’s fast-paced, information age, and the modes of transmission are much more difficult to negotiate.As the world turns and our universe appears smaller, our full awareness of self also gets distorted.We focus on technology and over-consumerism.Our feelingis continuously pacified and we are disconnected, first from our true self (the concept of a higher power, God, Buddha, Jehovah, Alla, nature),then fromeachother, ourfamily and our friends, then our neighbors, relatives,and work acquaintances. This creates a subdued feeling and sense of isolation, … and a society of shut inns. Everyone believes their only mandate is to foster a sense of survival, and lifebecomes a constant struggle to survive, and very few people actually live.

The essence of Taijiboxing is found in Buddhism, which is all about “compassion and sharing”, and the fundamentals of Taoism, which promotes “self awareness, and interaction and understanding of universal cycles of cause and effect, and the collective cooperation between man and his universe to promote longevity and maintain harmony on the planet. These two concepts enhance universal, compassionate enlightenment with a sense of immortality of the spirit. These transcend the boundaries of mind and body, therefore, we no longer struggle with death, dying and diseases, which are all natural processes. But with a caring, compassionate lifestyle in harmony with your environment, you know and can choose to embrace life, and nurture the supreme, ultimate gifts found within the daily practice of Taijiquan.

 Synthesis is the unseen ability to draw from your past, present, experiences and future in intuitive knowledge and observations. These concepts give you the unique ability to create an alternative solution to any given or unforeseeable conflict. This ability in some people may be innate, but, in most, is learned, and in a few individuals can be developed. The ancient Taiji master must have discovered a method of harnessing this truth and applied it to their daily life. This wisdom was applied in both physical conflicts andin everyday life experiences on the journey of life.

This gift was sometimes passed on to a chosen few, but, in most cases, died with the master, or was never fully transmitted. For this reason, Taijiquan is still the supreme ultimate fist, and awaits the reincarnation of the gifts of the masters for all to benefit. (It’s hidden in plain sight.) The essential aspects of synchronicity are the applications of the five phases of Taijiboxing.

1. Stillness in motion and motion in stillness.

2.Silk reeling skill and Synchronicity and economy of motion

3.Chi Na in (5 levels )

4..Fa Jin and Chi kung

5. Shuai Jiao

These concepts, when integrated with meditation, healthy living, a wholesome, varied diet, and a natural zest for life, help to maintain Taijiboxing as one of the supreme ultimate gifts left by the ancient Taoist Sages.

In conclusion Taijiquan and Taijiboxing have a synergistic approach to maintain a healthy, vibrant attitude to life and living. The philosophy and discipline, found in the application of Taijiboxing principles to everyday living, helps to maintain an open and free- flowing mindset of synthesis that allows for spontaneous, flexible options to living a full, happier life.

I hope you enjoy my article. Please feel free to comment and leave your ideas and observations. Keep the information flowing.

Sifu Dennis Pounall

Sifu Dennis Pounall lives and works in Elliot Lake, Northern Ontario as a Paramedic  and has been practicing martial arts for over 28 years. He has studies in Okinawa Karate, Pang GI Noon Gung Fu, Kali Jujitsu, Kook Sol Won , Korean martial arts and Traditional Yang combat style Taiji Quan.  He competes nationally and internationally, and is available for workshops and Seminars.

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