Stillness and Motion Taijiboxing Through Osmosis

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The gradual absorption: the gradual, often unconscious, absorption of knowledge or ideas through continual exposure, rather than deliberate learning  Students seem to pick up a working knowledge of Taijiboxing by osmosis over the years of practice!

The art of Taijiboxing is a discipline that is acquired after many years of tireless practice. It demands  patience and persistence that only the few can maintain. The essence of this art is in its subtle application and innate assimilation, much like the process of osmosis.

The beauty of this discipline is that, by a gradual approach, through patience as the way and consistency as the key, many people can benefit from Taijiquan’s inherent benefits. With diligent, yet integrated, practice the implementation of the skill of taijiboxing is available to all players.

The method of osmosis, however subtle, is blatantly palpable as beginners practice and learn the “set” or form. Regardless of the family style, Chen Wu Yang or Sun, the congregation of mind, body and spirit, brought together with clear “Intention” and focused attention, creates the right ingredients for Passive osmosis. When you add a sensitive, experienced Instructor, you add the additional element of Facilitated Diffusion of knowledge, energy and purpose. This is an essential mixture for success.

 If you continually refine this mixture, you reach a state of expanded, collective awareness that allows each student to perceive and receive the feeling and flow of Universal Qi …and connect with their own methods for manifestation and direction of Qi.

This realization permeates the group as a form of osmosis. Just like when you spray air freshener in a room, or walk into a kitchen where a loaf of bread has just been baked, the smell, association, and feelings become blatantly aware and a compelling feeling on all three levels of awareness becomes immediately present. This is a unique experience that is essential to all internal style martial arts, making Taijiquan and Taijiboxing a natural extension for our human potential.

The tenets for growth in both the art of Taiji solo form expression and the martial skills of Taijiboxing and self defense is limited only by yourself and each practitioner’s desire to grow and learn; thereby making it an activity that can be practiced by young and old for your entire life, hence the title of the Supreme Ultimate Martial Art Taijiboxing.

 Taijiboxing has the potential to promote longevity, vitality, creativity, compassion and freedom of expression, which many other disciplines of martial arts do not focus on.

Thank you for taking the time to allow me to share my thoughts and ideas with you. I hope it stirs the flames of wonder, so that you may continue to grow to know and question your martial art practice and your appreciation of life.

Sifu Dennis Pounall

Sifu Dennis Pounall lives and works in Elliot Lake, Northern Ontario as a Paramedic  and has been practicing martial arts for over 28 years. He has studies in Okinawa Karate, Pang GI Noon Gung Fu, Kali Jujitsu, Kook Sol Won , Korean martial arts and Traditional Yang combat style Taiji Quan.  He competes nationally and internationally, and is available for workshops and Seminars.

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