Sibok Brian Denham

In the short time that I have known Sifu Dennis, I could not be more impressed with his high level of proficiency. Sifu Dennis’ gentle demeanour hides deadly speed, power and accuracy in all his well-polished techniques.  Sifu Dennis is an easy teacher to learn from because of his confidence and experience  in many martial arts. Sifu Dennis is first class all the way! If you miss this opportunity you will miss a lot.

Sifu Pat Murphy

Sifu Dennis is an amazing martial artist,  with a wealth of knowledge to share with all other martial artists of any rank or style. I have had the pleasure of travelling abroad with him to tournaments and watching him compete, and was very impressed with his style and presentation. I  am definitely looking forward to the upcoming seminar.

Sifu Dave Weiler

I have had the honor to have taken Sifu Dennis’ knife fighting seminar before, as well as his self defence seminars. You will find him to be very highly skilled in his field and in many other areas of martial arts. His honesty about what he is teaching is very refreshing to see and be part of, he has a very long and impressive list of Masters that he has trained with and is always willing to help others with their Martial Arts. Sifu Dennis is a very likable person because he has that passion for Martial Arts, but, more than that, for people and helping them to better themselves at whatever their art form is. I would be more than happy to take any seminar that he would be part of. You will come away with more than you paid for, and have a good friend at the end of it. Thanks for all of your help in the past and in the future, Sifu Dennis.

Sifu Andrew Butler

Sifu Dennis is an incredible martial artist, his speed and technique are like nothing I have seen before. He is a fun and very knowledgeable teacher to learn from and this seminar should not be missed by anyone who wants to learn real self defence.

Tyler Popp

I have trained with Dennis in the past in Tai Chi, and other arts. I have always found it to be informative and enjoyable. He is extremely knowledgeable and a great practitioner.

Robert McPherson

Hi Dennis,
I just went through all the areas of your website, and I must say that I am quite impressed, and very proud of what you’ve accomplished with your Martial Arts. You’ve certainly come a long way since our days in high school. I read all the testimonials, and you are quite respected for your art as well as the type of person that you are. I must also say that I am extremely honored to be your friend and acquaintance, and I want to encourage you to keep up the good work. Because of the sacrifices and hard work that you’ve endured, you and the people around are reaping the benefits. Please continue to share and spread your message, talents and experiences with others.
Congratulations on all your successes, and may “GOD” continue to bless you with “Enough”.