Self Awareness Assault Prevention Workshop, Everyone Welcome! Discover your Warrior Within and Learn How To Defend Yourself!
Do not be a target, learn how to protect yourself, take a stand against bullying!
Chi Na is a Chinese term describing joint lock techniques used in the Chinese martial arts to control or lock an opponent's joint or muscles so he cannot move, thus neutralizing the opponent's fighting ability.
If you want your child to have fun, stay smart, be athletic and make new friends this summer then you have to sign them up @ Vit Fit Klub.
The Miao Dao has no equal. Wielded with one hand or both, combining the characteristics of both saber and spear into one, it's not hard to see why this versatile weapon was unrivaled on the battlefield.
The Tsunami Whirlwind Fan Form - This martial art fan form combines movement from both Korean Style Fan Form and Classical Chinese Gung Fu Fan Form.
Use the art of foot placement, and range control to make sure when and if you do kick it will be effective!
This workshop will focus on the principles of surviving a knife or edged weapon attack.
Sigung and Kitchener Kicks have been asked to represent Canada at the upcoming International Bushi Martial Arts Championships, August 27th to 30th in New York City. This event will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent your country in Martial Arts competition against other countries of the world.